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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Hitting the Wall"

During the last week I crashed into the jarring experience we all know as Hitting the Wall.  Twice.

Knock, knock...

Somebody wasn't listening to the sound of the first crash and, for sure,  not listening to the ever forceful contract that this kind of unconscious "driving"  produces...

and that somebody was me.

The driving I am talking about takes place on what we label as the
"racetrack" of our lives. 

Racing here...zooming there...prepping and practicing like there's no tomorrow...awash with the compelling and urgent thought that EVERYTHING has to be done and it has to be done NOW.

When we Hit the Wall, we are literally forced to stop.  It is as if someone blew the whistle on us (mercifully) and now we are allowed to rest from our utter exhaustion.

But the fact is when we Hit the Wall it is very CLEAR EVIDENCE that we are truly  

out of balance...
not truly in the game...
and not even a contender.

Somehow, we have  missed (or ignored) the signals that we need to rest...or change what we are doing...but most of all,  take a deep, cleansing breath, relax...and LISTEN to the messages of our body.

This wonderful body we inhabit is exquisitely designed to monitor our lives and direct us towards what is healthy and healing for us. 

If, however, we override its signals, we are left to contend with the incorrigible flag waver signaling we are off track with such interesting messages as aches, pains, illnesses and emotional upsets. 

And having to negotiate these results truly just slows down the whole process of getting our tasks accomplished and produces a boatload of frustration.

So let's drive those beautiful instruments...our bodies...with loving care and consideration...that way we arrive at our "destination" with the assurance and calm and mastery of a champion.

All of the "fun" that accompanied my two crashes has brought my attention front and center to this significant realization.  I am formulating the clear intention of honoring my body and choosing to balance my life.

How about you?


image from internetmonk.com

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