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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Magical Number Three

The magical number three  has been showing up in my life on countless occasions (in articles I've read, emails sent to me, errands I've run, things I've been thinking about).

As a fun exercise, I recently asked an Angel Intuitive if I should be paying special attention to this.   She replied,    

The Posse of Angels is saying that they have sent you the sign of the number 3 happening over and over for you to remind you of the magic that you have inside of yourself and to put more attention and focus on the joy of being creative.

So, as a result of this message, I am listening and looking for places to infuse new and unexpected creativity into my life.

Today I found a place in my life that is so ready for an attitude adjustment.  I am speaking of the occasions when we are just not comfortable with the way someone else does (or says) things.  We might have already expressed this fact to an individual and may even have asked him or her to change the approach or method of delivery.

Well, we all pretty much know the wisdom of trying to get someone else to change. (It's .just NOT in our job description.)  

It is so obviously clear that the best way to introduce change into our lives is to change ourselves. 

Which leaves us with the question...HOW do we do this?  Especially, knowing how we feel and where our comfort zone is.  
And that's exactly where the magic of the number three...CREATIVITY...enters into my story.

Today, when faced with a moment of potential distress, I decided to do a 360.  

Instead of voicing my discomfort with an approach that is so different from mine (and uncomfortable), I decided to EMBRACE the approach...love it, try it, be curious, wonder about it, play with it...and then, when I am through trying it on myself, see if I could understand how it fits into this individual's repertoire and why it landed there.

I could not believe the results of this experiment. 

What had always been a source of upset or consternation actually became FUN. 


Suddenly, there was no stress connected to the situation because I had committed to this experiment and found myself VERY interested in the outcome.  In fact, this exercise turned into a fascinating hour of sleuthing and experimentation.

The only thing required in this suggestion is the Energy of Exploration.   And, I discovered that entering into a different mindset... a different way of thinking is really quite exciting, especially if you get into a fun and spirited conversation with the owner about the merits of the approach.

In the end, it all leads to compassion for and understanding of another point of view.  And it gets you off the dead center opinion that your way is the right way.  Turns out, it's just your way.

That nice, warm feeling of compassion is lots easier to entertain than annoyance or frustration at someone else's way of doing things.

After this very successful and entertaining experiment, I am wondering  where else I could access the angels' wise message of the power of creativity to relax my life and further open my heart!     


magic image from dinodigusa.com

girl with balloons image from blog.bellapilar.com
angel image from michelleperkett.blogspot.com

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