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Sunday, March 31, 2013


One of the most interesting, exciting and, sometimes, most challenging things about people is their individual rhythms. 

Dictionary.com says "rhythm"  is the effect produced by the combination or arrangement of elements to create movement, tension, and emotional value.
Let's pause for just a moment to consider the myriad kinds of rhythms displayed by individuals enrolled in earth school.

If we look to a Glossary of Musical Terms*, we can easily find descriptions of our varied "performers":

     Acappella                       Needing no accompaniment
     Accelerando                  Gradually quickening the tempo
     Adagio                            Slow movement, restful, at ease
     Allegro                            Lively and fast
     Baroque.                        Emotional, flowery
     Cadence.                       Sequence of chords  signalling an end
     Canon                            Imitation of a melody
     Cantabile                       Easy and flowing tone
     Capriccio                       Improvisational, spirited

    and, skipping to the G's

     Glissando                      Sliding between two notes
     Grandioso                      Playing grandly
     Grave                             Slow and serious
     Grazioso                        Gracefully

The list goes on...and on...

as do the many and various kinds of individual personal rhythms. 

And that is exactly my point about the interesting (and sometimes challenging) individual rhythms...

Becoming aware of, embracing and honoring the individual rhythms of earth dwellers is EXCITING and this is so because really "getting" these  rhythms provides us with an awesome capacity for developing understanding of and compassion for the characters who populate the "music" of our lives.

When we brush up against a "song" that is being played in a way we do not recognize (and, perhaps, do not resonate with nor appreciate)...

we can consciously consult our "musical"  history of the individual and recognize...honor...and even appreciate his special rhythm.  

This "rhythm" we are encountering is most certainly the combination of many emotions, aspirations, dreams and disappointments.    

This "rhythm" represents the individual's ability to deal with life IN THIS MOMENT..

and, when we appreciate that many kinds of "musical" notes went into forming this particular melody expressed in this unique-to-him rhythm, we are filled with a caring and appreciation for the journey he is traveling.

Perhaps the very fact they rhythms exist is a Divine tracking...clear enough for us to recognize, follow and embrace...leading us to the beautiful COMPASSION that can so easily grace our lives.

I've got rhythm.
You've got rhythm.
Who could ask for anything more?

lyrics by George Gershwin


image from patternbank.com
Charles Burwell Intricate Patterns and Clashing Shapes inspiration

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