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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Parade

The fascinating unfolding of evolution has delivered us into a most stunning time in history. 
The universe is moving into a position of heart centeredness

And what a wonderful place that is to be!

As we turn an observant eye to what is going on around us,  it is astounding what we can  sense and see.  The energy feels exhilarating as we witness people exhibiting caring and compassion, generosity, self-discovery, connection and centeredness.

When I see this gorgeous display circling all around me, I want to be a part of that PARADE. 

And here’s a fascinating way I found to enjoy this amazing ride.

Over the years many people have described the essence of Love.   Recently,  I heard someone say that Love is the recognition of beauty.  And, it occurred to me, that by being open to beauty we bring LOVE right into the center of our lives

If we glance at our miraculous world we can see beauty everywhere…but today I am talking particularly about the beauty of people.  

I have been cultivating a new avocation.  When I think of people I know and meet, I immediately focus on a beautiful quality (trait, talent) of theirs. 

Even though they may have several, I choose the one that RESONATES with me in that moment.   I immerse myself in admiration for that beautiful quality and, in that process...the process of reveling in this beautyI find my way to Love
Here's  the really cool thing about this.  When I embrace and enjoy their beautiful trait,  I automatically  enter into the process of entrainment.  This means that I am soaking up the energy of their stellar quality and…all this time…

I am also resting in the lap of Love .

What a fascinating journey into this awesome Love space...recognizing, honoring and emulating the beauty presenting itself through the gifts of everyone around me!

image from Terminators.com

Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
Sketch of Set for the "Parade"
Date: 1917

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