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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Cutting Edge: A Moment of Healing

It's kind of a long story about how this message got delivered involving a network of soul connections and angel readings so I am going to zap you right into the PRESENT MOMENT and tell you that I work with Archangel Gabriel when I write my blogs.  It's a joint venture, happily shared by the two of us.  

Several days ago I received my usual morning guidance from Gabriel but, on this occasion, I did not understand the reason for this particular inspiration. And so I tucked the "Pearl" away as something to be revealed at a later date.  And, sure enough, the next installment of the message arrived today...this very morning, in fact, and I really appreciated the creative way it appeared. Apparently, Gabriel felt I needed to receive it incrementally and he also honored how much I appreciate the fun of sleuthing to connect the dots.

Archangel Gabriel doesn't use words to communicate with me. His messages come in as dazzling perceptions.  And so here, in my own words, is the original message I received several days ago and its confirmation which was delivered today:

In the middle of a difficult encounter RIGHT WHEN your emotions are on fire and YOU want to be heard with passion and pristine clarity… RIGHT THEN...INSTEAD, turn your attention TO THE OTHER and gently ask to hear HOW and WHAT he is feeling in that moment.  

Gabriel finished with an observation:  This is the most powerful thing you can do for everyone's healing.


I was lost AND confounded by this message.  How can we possibly expect someone in the middle of a fiery issue to turn his attention to the other person's position?  And yet, that is exactly what
Gabriel  is suggesting.  At that point, I couldn't even imagine how this was possible.  But I COULD see that if it were possible, this would be a wise, important and powerful step to take in finding a path to resolution.

And so this very morning and again this afternoon I had a chance to give
Gabriel's guidance a try.  This was not even an unusual occurrence as I almost always find that
"the cart comes before the horse" (translation:  the solution presents itself before the problem even occurs).  

And here's what I discovered.

If, when triggered, we throw the bat AT the other player (that is, blame the other person for what just happened, tell the other person what he is doing wrong and what he should do differently), we will most definitely see the body language of someone who is fraught with frustration from the negative energy coming at him or drooping with despair from his own self-judgment about what has transpired.


if, when we are triggered, we recognize the possibility of introducing a healing moment (simply put, making  lemonade out of lemons) and we consciously CHOOSE to engage the other person...to focus on the other person's healing first, we will witness the body language of a person feeling heard and understood and, ultimately, grateful for that gift of caring.

Please note that this process may take special love and patience as the other person may not be aware of the emotions he is holding.  They may be completely masked by his anger and frustration, the default reactions which occur when he is under stress.  If there is no pressure for the other person to hurry his answer, he will sense your interest and caring and will, ultimately, reveal whatever he is ready to disclose.

Ultimately, a door has been opened.

Being heard, honored and understood is a basic human need and, if for some reason, the other person has not had that need fully met, he will be deeply affected now by the evidence of your compassion, especially in this moment of unrest and agitation.

Now, the chemistry of the moment has the potential to shift visibly.  Your compatriot may feel a sense of relaxation because he has been heard.  And now he may be open to the possibility of hearing what YOU are feeling, too.

It is truly astounding to see how quickly a difficult experience can transform into an opportunity for sending and receiving love and compassion.  Gary Zukav says we will never encounter an experience that is not for the healing of our soul.  May we never fail to recognize how we can bring our own special Light  to these Moments of Healing.

A most beautiful cutting edge.

                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from violetdauk.blogspot.co
original watercolor  Dragonfly Bay

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