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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Moving with the Universe...

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will disappear.

                               Lao Tzu

In this very moment
the Universe is undergoing an intense transformation, moving from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions.  As inhabitants of this cosmic plane, we are being called to this important evolutionary shift.  To move with the Universe into this higher vibration, we need to release any of our old, limiting behaviors that are preventing our expansion into more loving and generous individuals.

No small task.  These old, defensive modes of reaction have been a part of us for many years. At one time they helped us cope with difficult situations when we did not have the tools to navigate their complexities and contradictions and find our way to a peaceful, loving place.  They become our survival, self-protective defaults.  And they are very stubborn and resistant to change.

Because this strong metaphysical alteration exists in the Universe affecting each of us in a profound manner, we are all students encountering circumstances (let's call them opportunities) that test our mettle, engaging us in distressing scenarios, disturbing our self-developed default behavior which previously  enabled us to "handle" our problems without self~reflection and ownership of our part in the maelstrom. 

This is no longer the case.
  There is no running away from the scene.  The stage is set.  As citizens of the Universe, we are now considered "ready" as evolution vigorously moves us forward.  The difficulties we are encountering themselves are our teachers. Until we recognize and acknowledge them AS our teachers, they continue to provide the stormy weather we keep encountering.

Resistance to these issues is non-productive.  Resistance is only a stalling technique. The issues will soon appear again… this time in different and, possibly, more disturbing disguises.

Once we recognize our "teachers" and choose to study the "curriculum", we have the opportunity to gain insight and wisdom and move WITH the universe as it rollercoasters its way to the higher dimensions.

Here is a technique we can practice to help us get "truly ready" for each lesson-of-the-day (courtesy of Georgiann Voissem, LifeLine Practitioner): 

When we become upset, choose to ONLY pay attention to the fact that we got upset... NOT what someone said or did that introduced the problem and NOT who said or did it.  Direct our attention ONLY to reflecting on the truth about ourselves that was just revealed to us:  the FACT that this comment or action upset us, the fact that we are unable to view the words or actions of the event dispassionately...that this event has triggered an unhealed hurt within our hearts.

This is not the way we usually react to upsetting circumstances. 
Typically, we react by feeling attacked and quickly assign blame for our feelings to the other person involved in the interaction.  Here is the interesting thing about this behavior.  In the scenario that has just been enacted, the other person is ONLY the messenger, and, when we ascribe blame to that other individual, we have just SHOT THE MESSENGER.  The "messenger" was there to bring something to our attention… something we have not been noticing about ourselves…something we need to pay attention to for our own healing and evolution.

Responding to situations in this way instead of reacting by feeling attacked and hurt and blaming others helps us recognize what needs to be healed in our own lives. And it is a calming influence on our interpersonal relationships, helping us see ourselves in a new and inspiring perspective.

No more need for the teachers.
We have literally become the teachers to ourselves.  And, when we move with the natural inclination of the universe, we strengthen ourselves AND contribute to the collective consciousness, supporting our fellow travelers on this fascinating journey. 

                                                                                          Marie Helena

image from artprojectsforkids.org

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