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Friday, January 5, 2018

Changing the Locus of Control

In December I posted a blog entry entitled A New Year’s Light Show in which I proposed the following:

As we go through the day and encounter many moments…some relaxing and some difficult and challenging …take a moment and imagine how our Higher Self would respond to what is happening (not to place any pressure on ourselves to do what Higher Self would do but only to imagine it and take note).

Surprisingly and wonderfully, it seems that the powerful principle of Conscious Intention (even more powerful than I knew) is working its magic again.

I have found a new natural high without placing any pressure on myself. My intention to consciously consider what Higher Self would do has opened the doorway to a new perspective on life for me and this new view has begun to take me out of the realm of ego directed decisions. I find myself wanting to embrace the flow of life and meet its difficult moments in the way that my Higher Self would choose to do.

A few weeks ago I had a dream during a time that I was very upset about something and unable to release it. In the dream I was in Galway harbor (where my daughter Rachel now lives). The entire harbor was filled with boats which were carrying only the cargo of Love and Compassion. The feeling of the dream was that Love and Compassion are all that are needed...for everything.

This dream was very powerful for me and it felt like a Higher Self message on how to deal with the difficulties of life. I have thought about it often and follow its direction whenever I choose the path of Higher Self, always extending Love and Compassion to myself and others.

My adventure with all of this began with one or two opportunities (difficulties) occurring and my experiencing myself (actually, observing myself)…from the vantage point of Higher Self . In choosing the Higher Self path I found myself feeling very happy about my response and discovering that somehow I seemed to have whatever energy I needed to make the leap to the Higher choice. Amazingly, this was energy that was not there before.

I am finding all of this very exciting but also very comforting, too. And it is replacing other ways that I have comforted myself during difficult times which have not always been the best choices for health and well-being.
Best of all, I feel and know that  I have the power in me to make my day the beautiful one I want it to be. And that it makes no difference what comes into my space, what anyone says or does.

The only thing that is important is my choice of response.  And when that choice comes from Higher Self, there is always a deep and satisfying feeling accompanying it for me.

It seems I am beginning to shift the locus of control regarding how my day will go and how I will feel about it. Ultimately, I am no longer upset by someone else's behavior. And all of this just by my conscious intention to consider what Higher Self would do. Somehow the consideration of this question has presented the promise of such magnificent payoffs that I have naturally shifted my focus and conscious intention to it. What fascinating potential there is here for life transformation!

This seems as magical as anything I can imagine. Ours just for the asking. And it’s as easy as designing it into our day!

What would your Higher Self do today?

                                                                               Marie Helena

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