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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Dream Master

A dream master creates a masterpiece of life.
                              don Miguel Ruiz

Take a look around you and see what you have created.  We are all living what we, on some level, have dreamed for ourselves... what we expect and feel we are worthy of.  We naturally tend to fill our lives with some happy moments, some achievements, and also some difficulties.  Perhaps this is because we have come to believe that life holds both metaphorical sunshine and rain.

We have been groomed to believe that we will find ourselves facing obstacles that must be endured and, because we believe this, we create it.  And, so, this becomes our default condition.  And we strive mightily to master our difficulties, exerting  great effort in the process.

Bruce Lipton’s theory of the Biology of Belief tells us that whatever we choose to believe, we experience.  So what we are living is what we embrace as a master plan for our lives.  

But who originated that plan and why are we locked into someone else’s view?

                                                                                       Marie Helena

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