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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Someday Isle

Several years ago I presented a series of workshops for college students with a dear friend, Tom Deschaine. Tom is a VERY colorful character who, if you don't keep him in your sights, will very soon tie you up in a humorous plot of your own making. Don't ask me how he does it. But he's very good at this technique.

Tom is a very dynamic speaker and one of his popular messages to college students was to always beware of SOMEDAY ISLE.

We've all been to Someday Isle and we all have some luxury vacation homes built on this beach. The reason we own so much property there is because we frequent it so often.

Do any of these refrains sound familiar?

"Someday I'll fix the dent in the car."
"Someday I'll clean out those drawers."
"Someday I'll get on a budget."

You get the drift...it's part of the everyday conversation we have with ourselves.

The reason Tom feels Someday Isle is a dangerous place is because we never really get going there on all of our wonderful resolutions for reaching our dreams.

This afternoon I read another reference to this concept which struck me square between the eyes.

It's the same idea Tom was talking about but it was expressed in energetic terms. Whenever we have identified something we need to do and then we don't do it, we are actually creating an energy blockage.

This non-movement of energy gets more powerful every time we think this same thought. The Arcturians call it the rolling "snowball" that gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. Eventually, the snowball rolls into something else in our lives...like a major aggravation or serious health issue.

Now we don't just have the original problem to deal with , we have to take care of the STATIC it's been growing. This energy blockage does just what its name says...it stops new energy from flowing in because we haven't taken care of what is already there.

If you've ever felt stuck...out of inspiration...or hope...or joy...it could very well be an energy blockage you've created (just like Tom's adventurous plot and it's of our own making!).

So, if Tom Deschaine is in the vicinity, watch out for his mischievous ways. And while you are watching, keep an eye on your own trips to Someday Isle.

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  1. This is very motivating to stop thinking about what you should do and just start. I have had the experience with grading papers. I put off starting and it becomes a huge deal. If I just sit down and do it, the whole process is less stressful.