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Saturday, March 19, 2011

TOUCHED by an Angel

I've been watching reruns of Touched by an Angel recently. The intent of this show is to have an angel (in disguise) make someone's life clearer and brighter...to help him understand something...to bring him peace.

The last few episodes I've seen seem to do this job remarkably well (obviously, excellent scripting). But the last one I watched (this evening) made me feel like the protagonist.

I feel touched by an angel. How beautifully ironic! How synchronistic! How very much a
display of the beautiful Divine Universe in which we live!

Here's my back story to this event.

Several people close to me have been experiencing some very intensive physical and emotional pain and distress. And this fact has been hovering very closely in my consciousness. I've been sending prayers and light to these individuals but I am also struggling to keep myself intact and not tap into the pain, thereby being better able to offer compassion and support. This has not been an easy task for me and it seems to be playing out through some heaviness of spirit.

Philosophically, I truly understand that these experiences are what we sign on for in our earth lives so we can learn lessons. But I have needed a little help getting a clearer picture of this on an emotional level.

Here's where the Angel program comes in.

In the episode I watched this evening one of the angels, Monica (played by Roma Downey), assumes the role of an octogenarian in order to gain the trust of an army vet who feels he has outlived his usefulness. Monica and the former soldier meet and become close and he falls in love with her.

In the "role" she appears in, Monica is herself in poor health with a weak heart and when she recognizes his feelings for her, she is struck with distress at the prospect of hurting the man who has finally opened himself up emotionally.

She comments on how difficult it is to experience this human emotion and does not know what to do to make things better. Monica tries to deal with the situation but fails and finally appears to him in her angel state.

I immediately equated Monica's angel reappearance as our Higher Self and the role she played as an octogenarian as our 3rd dimensional self.

Seeing her be transformed through the magic of technology made quite a dramatic impact on me and gave me a compelling perspective to hold onto regarding the suffering that takes place in our world by individuals and by those close to them. It reminded me that we are creating the circumstances of our lives to learn the lessons we have chosen.

This episode of Touched by an Angel felt like a drama being played out to bring me some peace and remind me of something I already know...exactly when I needed the reminder.

Our lives ARE like a dream, an illusion. They feel so real and this is because we are very good actors. We really live our roles.

But the play does end, the audience goes home and so do we...to the HOME of our Higher Self.

It's a matter of changing our vibration.
Transforming it...not losing it...not ever losing it...just connecting once again to the SELF which always IS and which is watching the play of our lives right now.

We are so beautifully cared for...and loved. Just when we need a reminder that we are completely safe and, in fact, already perfect, it appears...and in the most creative way. But we have to be aware and watchful or we will miss some of the most inspired and glorious moments of our lives!

I wish for you that you also will be TOUCHED by an Angel and they are obviously everywhere!

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