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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The "Honor" System

Every person has his own unique and individual way of being in the world as revealed by his personality, idiosyncrasies and habits.

Some of these approaches to life mesh easily with ours.

Some...but not all.

And when we find ourselves encountering the approaches that are less than compatible with ours (and, sometimes, produce an ANNOYING clash) we are challenged with the issue of how to proceed.

Do we swallow our annoyance, grit our teeth and pretend to be OK?

Should we routinely "give in" or "give way" with the feeling that we wouldn't win under any circumstances anyway?

Should we have an outright confrontation about the merits of how we see things vs. the other person's point of view?

All possible ways of dealing with what feels like a disturbance in the emotions of our worldview.

There's still another approach that could shine a different light on the situation.

I call it The "Honor" System because it HONORS ANOTHER'S PROCESS.

And it does this even when someone else's approach doesn't make much sense to us or it's not what we prefer.

It's an honoring of what is important to them in their life...given their experiences, concerns and fears.

It honors the place in the evolution of their lives where they reside right now...in this present moment.

And when we honor (respect, support) someone's approach to life...we convey our caring for their sense of well-being. We remove the threat of conflict for them...the threat of having someone they may need to push against in order to defend or try to prove their point of view and, instead, by standing out of the way, we empower them to see how their approach serves them...or not.

Best of all, our generous understanding will be met with gratitude and appreciation and things progress forward smoothly with everyone freed up to evaluate their own way of doing things.

The world is full of the various colors of expression chosen by others. When we accept and embrace this variety, we participate in The Divine Matrix which ministers to and supports EVERYONE.

Best of all, honoring others is actually honoring ourselves...honoring our higher yearning to live in a beautiful peace and harmony with our fellow earth-dwellers.

image from mycutegraphics.com
originally published April 1, 2012

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