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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Dangers of Unconscious Free Falling

ALL free falling is not dangerous. 
Those moments when we are consciously in FLOW couldn't be more beautiful.  We are one with the energy that is presenting itself to us.  We embrace it.  We surrender.  There is no resistance...
only acceptance of the Now.  Perfect. 

No...I am speaking about a different way of free falling. Instead of consciously free falling WITH the moment, we are pushing AGAINST it and falling instead (flopping, actually) by unconscious default into the chaotic space of:

On, no...
Not again...
Why is this happening?
What will I do now?

THIS mental and emotional jungle is where we land if we don't have a conscious intention to accept...to trust that the Divine Universe designs our journey to make us stronger, more aware, more resilient...in effect, to make us a GRANDER version of ourselves. And with this trust held firmly in our heart we ride the waves, we dip with the valleys, we bend with the breezes.

What we DON'T do is move into fear, anxiety and distress about what is

We make a conscious choice to see what is needed, take care of that need in the best way we know how, let ourselves totally feel the experience and then MOVE ON. 

We don't stop to mentally ruminate about what the universe is giving us...and why. We love "WHAT IS" rather than taking a simple experience and adding layers of anguish to it.

This unconditional embrace of all we are experiencing, then, empowers us, lightens us, strengthens us. And it makes our life easier. There is nothing to rail against. No enemy. 

Only the awesome gift of EXPERIENCE itself. And that is why we have become an earth dweller: to experience, to learn.

It seems the best way to navigate earth school is to assess a situation,
Identify any needs that may exist, meet them in the best way we know how, let ourselves fully feel what is happening and then..move on...open to the next experience that presents itself to us.

A bold and beautiful way to enter into the precious heartbeat of the Divine Universe and clearly hear every melodious note that is being played for us!

image from ruthmalan.com

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