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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


There is so much we can learn from the earthly angels in our world… those endearing and generous persons who offer their warmth and caring and compassion to individuals in need.  Ministering to the physical and emotional pain these individuals are experiencing, they perform a service beyond what we can obviously see. They model for us through their devotion the answer to our own healing issues.

Here is the beauty of the lesson they give us.  Whenever we are experiencing a physical malady, it is so easy to be impatient and frustrated with our body...to be angry that it is not performing the way we would like it to.  And these emotional feelings are so counterproductive, though they are very human reactions.  They are counterproductive because they are adding layers of anxiety and frustration to an already weakened condition.

It's as if we are the parents yelling at our children.  Why are you doing this?  Why aren't you performing better?  How can you do this to me?  Our poor body, already weak and vulnerable, now has to deal with this tirade we are directing to it.  But what is really called for in this moment is the love of the "parent"… the nurturing, the affirmation, the whispering in a soft, loving tone the message that all will soon be well.

Any part of our body that is not functioning at peak performance is doing so because it is manifesting for us the effect of the behavior we have been/are demonstrating.  The condition we are experiencing is actually a "messenger" to us, the evidence that what we are doing is not in our best interest.  And,  unfortunately, in return for the performance of this very important task, we often express our displeasure and frustration, berating our body for being "less than".

This beautiful messaging system is, in reality, a Divine gift to us which should be honored, appreciated and, especially, nurtured and cared for when it has done the difficult work of expressing to us the need for a reevaluation of how we are doing things.

Not only is the need to honor and minister to our body philosophically true, it is also a fact of great practicality.  It is the quickest, most efficient way back to our normal functioning.  Like those beautiful caregivers who brighten the world with their love and compassion, we can help to heal our bodies by giving them our appreciation and gratitude and compassion for experiencing the physical difficulty… for taking the hit so we can get the message.

Whatever we can do to provide gentleness and care, thankfulness and appreciation, encouragement and gratitude to the cells of our bodies will position us as "caregivers" and, thereby, healers to ourselves.

The cells of our body are completely responsive to our conscious intention.  Let's make that intention one of thankfulness, appreciation and wonder at the power and love and intricate beauty of this exquisitely designed vessel which guides us whenever needed to a deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves.

                                                                                            Marie Helena

Image from Pinterest
Gentle Messenger.  Original Painting

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