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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Embrace the Waves

It's a lovely, warm day and you are gently immersed in the beautiful blue waters of the ocean.

As  you undulate with the WAVES you are constantly surprised at their energy...
sometimes soothing...
sometimes playful...
sometimes strong and challenging.

No matter what the watery excursion presents you with...always...always the waves offer you support
through your sojourn and ultimately they transport you and bring you back with loving kindness to the warmth of the beautiful sandy shore...refreshed and renewed...and ready for your next adventure.

This is the story of our earth journey.  The spiritual story.  And it's one we do not always remember.

Gary Zukav has a beautiful  and inspiring comment about life:

 "You cannot and will not, encounter a circumstance, or a single moment,  
   that does not serve directly and immediately the need of your soul to 

Every wave we encounter...from the simplest, most  gentle motion to the wild and turbulent surges and swells...every wave comes into our life to show us something
...to teach us a lesson we are missing...a lesson that we need to master for the purpose of becoming what Neale Donald Walsch calls The Next, Grandest Version of Ourselves.

Consider for a moment the beauty of that thought.

When we trust that the Divine Universe cares for us unconditionally and is leading us into whatever cutting edge experience we are ready for...there is no reason for fear.
All that we have to do is embrace the experience of the wave and look for the lesson.  Doing this can be quite an adventure.  It can actually be quite delightful and most certainly is very empowering.

In this way we can see that everything...EVERYTHING...is working  FOR us. 

It can take some dedication and creativity sometimes to uncover the lesson...the healing
...but what an expedition and what amazing and life changing transformations are available to us as we navigate this Divine invitation to awaken our spiritual selves.

There is always the warm, sandy beach awaiting us as we appreciate the courageous work of each new lesson we master and prepare ourselves for the next amazing discovery.

Metaphorically speaking...it's ALWAYS summer....and the waves are ALWAYS waiting!

                                                                            Marie Helena

image from freevectordownload.com

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