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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Line Dancing

Have you ever been line dancing? 

It's really fun to move with the other dancers filling the floor...tapping, turning and swaying to the beat of country music.  There's something so smooth and satisfying about it.

The ultra cool line dance performed flawlessly by a group of enthusiastic individuals creates a beautiful energy and spirit that are impossible to resist.

It feels just wonderful to align with the group energy.  The movement seems natural and fun.  Everything seems right with the world.

There's a special  kind of secret to the magic of the line dance.  It has to do with surrendering to the music and dancing not only TO but also WITH it.

Which brings me to my metaphor.  (If you've been reading my blog, you know I always have one.)

There's another kind of line dance we can do and it's a very powerful experience. 

In this dance we ALIGN with the music (read energy) of the Divine Universe...accepting, embracing and even CELEBRATING what it is showing us.

This dance may not be something we expect or even desire...but it IS the dance which will bring the greatest fulfillment to our heart.

The Divine Universe selects the music and we choose to align ourselves with its melody...surrendering our expectations and welcoming the beautiful guidance that arrives in our lives in the form of invitations, possibilities and challenges.

Surrendering to the Divine Universe opens vistas and opportunities we have not even IMAGINED for ourselves.  

We emerge from the dance floor ASTOUNDED at what we have learned. It is the ultimate and signature Line Dance.  We are lining up with our Creator.

The mysterious and incredible Divine Universe is just waiting for us to move WITH its music.

Everyone on the dance floor!

                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from PicGifs.com

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