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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Your nature is to love; remember your nature.

don Miguel Ruiz

Why do we feel happy when we open our hearts to others? Why does seeing someone's eyes light up from our words or attention feel so glorious? Because it is then that we are in ALIGNMENT with Who We Truly Are.  We experience this blissful state because it is our calling. 

We are creatures of love who have donned the disguise of earth dwellers.  Our disguises are so complete and so compelling that we do not recognize ourselves.  But, even though our lives often feel steeped in challenge and contradiction, we resonate, we rejoice, we revel in our impulses of grace, gratitude and generosity.

And we may wonder from whence they have appeared.  Despite the travail surrounding us, somehow we have managed to look so lovingly upon the world and ourselves!

We do this because we are born to it.  We have chosen to be here. To "awaken" ourselves and to help others "awaken".  It is a beautiful exercise to witness and observe ourselves come home to love, to find our way.

When we perform an act of kindness, when we extend love and compassion to others, we feel an affinity, a connection to all that is beautiful in life.  Underneath all of the disguises of dissonance and distress, LOVE resides.  When we experience the blossoming of love, we have come HOME.

                                                                          Marie Helena

Your nature is to love; remember your nature.
don Miguel Ruiz

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fractal tears of joy

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