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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beauty of Plan B

We’ve all been there. Our plans are set. We're ready to go. And then…something goes wron
Now what do we do?

Logic tells us that if Plan A doesn’t work, we have to look elsewhere. But coming up with a Plan B and finding someone willing to make the switch is not always so easy.

Sometimes, however, we are gifted with having the perfect individual right there on the scene to help us make the transition.

Everyone loves the generous, free-spirited person who is willing and even happy to move effortlessly from Plan A to Plan B.

When someone can switch hats (and maybe even gears) and have fun doing it...what does that tell us about this individual?

For one thing, it's clear this special someone is not attached to "the way it needs to go down". Doesn't have to have it her way even though she may have a definite plan in mind.

And why do you suppose she's able to do that?

Could be she lives in the FLOW and can clearly see where the energy is moving.

She could be someone who's keenly aware of others and their comfort zones.

She might also like the challenge of stopping on a dime, changing directions and moving confidently forward with a new plan of action.

For sure, our heroine (or hero) has great instincts, is an attentive partner, is filled with a generosity of spirit and joyfulness informs her actions.

Perhaps the ability to access and enthusiastically embrace Plan B means our Higher Self has gotten into the game and is playing (and having fun) with us.

When the adoption of Plan B feels like an automatic GO...could be a sign we've gotten into the Big Leagues!

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