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Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog Angels

I often awake in the morning laughing at my BLOG ANGELS. They all seem to be crowding around each other, wanting a turn to whisper a topic for my blog to me.

That is how my ideas come in.
In a whisper…and sometimes in an image.

Then… the blog posts start writing themselves (I know the angels are behind this) while I am still in bed. I have to hurry and get myself up and to the computer where I am happy to say the blog posts basically write themselves.

I am the keyboarder…the instrument…I get to use my writing skills to co-create and it’s a very joyous undertaking.

Today it’s time to celebrate the blog angels because this is my 100th blog post…so, good work, you guys!

By way of celebration, I want to give a shout out to some of the blog posts of the last year.

If you are new to the Mystic Marks Blog you may not have seen some of the angels’ finest work. So here is the list.

You can access these titles by typing the name into the white space at the top left of the screen (afterwards you may have to click the box that says show older posts for the query to find them as the concepts may appear in other articles) OR you can go to the archives, click on the month and this will bring up the appropriate titles. Then, if you click on the title, the post will appear.

Here are the titles by subject...Happy Reading!

Thanks so much for being a part of this Energy Exchange!

The Child in Us
Harold and the Purple Crayon (August)

Personal Power
Shimmer, Shine, Glow, Go! (February)
Leaky Faucets and Flat Tires (April)

What To Do Next

Follow the Energy (April)

Raise Your Vibration (February)
Your Personal GPS (February)

Changing Your Story

Ichabod’s Night Life (October)

Once Upon a Time (April)

Listening to the Body
Life Force Work (March)
The Body Speaks (February)

The Beauty of Tears (May)
Proof Positive (May)

Resistance (May)


Changing Dogs Into Cats (June)

The Unraveling (May)

Beams of Love (February)
The Pillow of Love (March)

Loving Ourselves (January) my grandson’s favorite

Holding Space (October)
Assumptions and Agreements (February)
The Third Identity (December)
Elegance In Action: The Do Over (May)

Energy Audit (May)

The Missing Piece (April)

Conscious Intention

24/7 Bliss (February)
The Office Manager (March)
Pocket Treasures (May)

A Quantum Leap (January)


The Second Guitar (September)

Balloon Prints (May)

The Transition of Death

Arrivo! The Moment of Joy! (April)

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post! WOW!!!!!!!! :-)