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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Glorious State of Grace

Light Blue Butterfly
The beautiful and powerful Oprah Winfrey bid goodbye recently to the faithful fans who have followed her afternoon production for twenty-five years.

In her last broadcast she talked with the audience about the most important things she had learned from her guests during her show’s tenure.

One of the most significant, she said, was this:

ALL LIFE IS ENERGY. Every rock, every butterfly, every blade of grass…the sky, the clouds, your body, your thoughts, everything you see and feel…is energy.

We are responsible for the energy we create for ourselves.
We are also responsible for the energy that we bring to others.

A very commanding thought.

If…WE are responsible for the energy, then WE are the orginators, the creators…with all of the powers inherent in that title.

Dictionary.com says to create means to be the home of.

If we are the home… then we are the resting place where peace and nurturing are needed and the launching pad for vitality and action. Quite a responsibility. And privilege.

To do this well certain things seem important.

Seeing the soul view behind appearances

Telling ourselves the truth

Being aware of the consequences of our choices

Trusting in the Divine

Connecting with our Higher Self

Being open to learning our life lessons

Honoring our path and the paths of others

Loving ourselves and others

Feeling gratitude for the gifts of life

Experiencing JOY in the Present Moment

When our world is filled with the presence of this goodness the energy we create for ourselves and the energy we bring to others will be life enhancing. We will be creating a glorious expansion of our own bliss.

Can we dream for a moment to a future where every person cultivates the most beautiful HOME for his energy?

What would the world look like if we each felt this glorious state of grace and sent out this wondrous gift to each other!


  1. Beautiful! I would love to live in a world where people were even aware of their energy. What a difference it would make! Great sparkling butterfly, too. :-)

  2. Marie, you've outdone yourself. I swear you are the writer's version of Mary Poppins! What else do you have in that bag of yours? Honestly, what a truly poignant article. I just can't thank you enough for your amazing, sensitive nature. You possess a supreme, yet humble consciousness that tells the truth no matter what, in a way that makes the medicine go down so well. This is your gift to us all.

    Keep up the wonderful writing, Marie. You rock!
    Much love and respect,