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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sprinkling of Moonbeams

Sometimes in fantasies we see a mystical creature sprinkle a kind of magical dust over the heads of the characters empowering them to see an entirely different view of what is happening than the one they usually see.

This, I think, could be called a SOUL VIEW.

It’s the true story of what is occurring and it is not what our eyes usually see or our (very human) feelings feel... but it is the deeper truth of that moment.

If we are able to access that view so much will make soul sense to us.

Difficult, challenging…sometimes painful and wrenching experiences will reveal themselves to be the vehicles for transformation.

Expressions of anger and hostility transmute into disclosure of FEAR.

All negative emotions reveal themselves to be the outer wrappings of pain.

Trusting in this process gives us the courage we need to embrace what is happening and to consciously ask to learn the lesson. The legacy awaiting us for doing this work is so beautifully expressed by Meredith Murphy:

There is harmony and purpose in all of existence. To experience ongoing bliss and peace, you must learn to seek and see the deeper meaning present in layer upon layer of all aspects of life, and the inherent union and harmony expressed by the Law of One.

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