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Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Luminous Journey

In my last blog post, Eat, Pray, Love, TRUST, I quoted a comment made by an Ascended Master:

Do not have expectations how things ought to unfold and do not berate yourself if things do not turn out as you think they should. Do not come to conclusions regarding “success” or “failure” as you cannot see the whole picture.

“Success” or “failure” are terms bound to the Earth plane; from where we observe you, such terms are irrelevant. The only measure of “success” on the higher planes is the degree in which you allow the Light to flow unencumbered through your being.


This message arrived into my consciousness at exactly the right moment.

A few days before Christmas I was in a car accident.  Although none of my bones was
broken, I was pretty banged up.  Miraculously, my physical injuries healed quite beautifully but the real challenge was yet to come:  post traumatic stress.

This challenge manifested itself in the difficulty of getting a deep breath and sudden  unexplained bouts of ragged crying...both of which were sometimes experienced for prolonged periods of time.

Embracing the post traumatic stress has proven to be much more difficult for me than healing from the physical injuries.

The experience...when it hits...can be very scary.  Free falling, hopeless, feeling utterly lost in the quest.   And when we try to figure our way out of it, we experience more worry and concern...and there is a reason why trying to to find our way on our own is not the answer.

Today...when the traumatic sadness hit, I thankfully remembered the message's guidance to allow the Light to flow unencumbered through my being and expressed my intention to do so.

Interestingly, once I made the decision, I found it very easy to open to the Light.  And it was easy and comforting to say these words to myself:

I send Infinite Love and Gratitude to what my body is experiencing and thank my body for doing what is necessary to achieve perfect healing...even though I do not understand how this is happening.

Very quickly after this  I felt relief and comfort from the heavy emotional distress and also received guidance regarding this blog post,


And, to give me even more assistance with this challenge, the following message
appeared in my email today from Expect Wonderful:

When we analyze and try to figure things out, we imply that DIRECT KNOWING is unavailable to us.  We again create struggle and suffering by acting as if clarity isn't natural and requires effort.  Clarity is the true state of your mind and your energy; it only needs to be allowed to arise.

And so I invite and encourage and implore you to Allow the Light to Flow Unencumbered Through Your Being  when you feel challenged or lost...when you are suffering. 

As Meredith Murphy comments in Expect Wonderful:
 "Enter  into stillness and patience and you will find there is no substitute for KNOWING something."

From my own experience it seems to me that DIRECT KNOWING is waiting to flow into our consciousness through THE LIGHT.

Please remember your wonderful access to all of the help you may need.
 Many blessings to you on your Luminous Journey!

image from christian-wallpaper.com

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  1. So much harder to do when the circumstances are difficult. Congratulations on doing it! I love the picture for this blog, too.