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Friday, January 20, 2012

Vita Lezioni

You're running a race.  It's something you want to do. 

For yourself.  

It feels
exhilarating to be moving in this fast-forward, energetic way.  But then...you become aware that there are people watching you. 

Suddenly, your attention shifts from the sheer joy of using energy doing something that feels so good  to wandering what everyone is thinking about you...how well are you doing compared to the others? Are you looking exhausted?  Will you make it to the finish?I  Do you have what it takes to hang on?

Pressure.  The allure of  attention.  The opportunity to be recognized for your skill, your motivation, your tenacity or the possibility of bring viewed as a failure.

By outside sources,

Sources that have nothing to do with you and your life.

Sources that place their own values on you.  

Sources that come from other people's journeys.  Other people's value systems.  Not yours.

Somehow you've managed to change the words on their T-shirts to "My reaction  is YOUR story, " And this misstep of yours in perception is taking all of the fun out of your run...your race... Your journey.

What if there were no one there to watch you run? What if you ran a race only for yourself and no one else even knew about it?  What if  it was only for your joy...your experience... your learning?  With this kind of setting the race would only be about your bliss...your adventure.

Even if the people are already there lining the metaphorical curbs watching you...you could CHOOSE to make it only about you! And if you choose to do this, who cares what your performance
looks like, sounds like, feels like to anyone else?  Wherever these spectators are, whatever they are thinking or feeling about you is about their journey. Bless them...wish them well and release them from the role you have created for them as your cheering (or jeering) section. They have their own journeys to live.  They are starring in their own lives and you are starring in yours.

Now that you've taken the extras out of your scenario there is no cause for you to experience anything but the pure pleasure of what you are doing and what it means to you.

No one is left in your head to pose for or explain yourself to.  No pressure.  Only the joy of you making up your own mind about what you want to do and wishing everyone else well as they undertake their own adventures.

Now...go fly away to your own happiness and excitement and learning.

This is the way it is supposed to be: 
 Siete l'architetto della propria vita lezioni!

You are the architect of your own life lessons,

image from janhasak.com

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