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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling Home

We often hear advice about positive daily routines to follow: 

Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, eat your fruits and veggies.  

Good stuff to do.

And I have something NEW to add to the list. 

It will only take about three minutes and it will put your body and emotions into the most beautiful place.

And, no...it's not meditation. 

It's  CALLING  HOME  to say "Hello, I'm  checking in.  All systems are go!"

Here's how you do it.

Start with the strong intention to clear your monkey mind.  (We all have this...it's the human condition to have our thoughts buzzing on fast forward...including our anxieties, worries and fears).

So....clear your mind with a beautiful, grand intention...then call home by inviting THE  LIGHT (Divine Power) to flow unencumbered through your being.  (Once you let it come in, it feels strangely wonderful!)

Next, send  Infinite Love and Gratitude  to your body, mind and emotions for always doing the perfect thing for your healing even though you do not understand how this is happening.

That's it.

Now just relax and observe your body go into a  BEAUTIFUL state of relaxation.  

You have just  transcended  the human condition of limited thinking and beliefs, connected with Your Divine Source and  expressed your trust that you are loved beyond measure and that your greatest good is ALWAYS operating even when you are distracted by the events and issues of the day.

Next, you will feel a building surge of energy and joy and wonderful, creative thoughts will come to you because you checked in with Home Base, the most spectacular destination available to you.

Only three minutes to make this call but those three minutes will change EVERYTHING!

So...what are you waiting for?   Call home...check into the CELESTIAL"hood" and have in to  your Divine Connection!

image from radhasoami.livejournal.com

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  1. I love this! It's something I try to do often throughout the day. But you've described it so beautifully, you make the process very easy to follow and understand. Thank you! It's a great reminder! You have such a way of putting even the most abstract concepts into simple words and steps. Love to you ---