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Sunday, January 20, 2013

From the Inside Out

Whenever we come across some advice  that seems practical and well-thought out... 

we usually take note of it and mentally bookmark it for future reference.

And there it stays UNTIL something brings it front and center in an AHA moment and catapults it into action.

My AHA moments come when someone or something gives me a NEW way of looking at things...something that clicks with me in a mysterious way and, yesterday, I received an unexpected treasure of this kind.


I've read a lot about how to do this.  

I know it's important to be very precise about what we want to bring in...
I know that it's important to consider our highest good...
I know that we need to bring strong, intense emotion to the request...and

I  know that we need to think and feel and act as if what we want
 is already there.

And that last point (about the emotion of already having something here) is usually where I get stuck.  It takes a lot of energy (and I find it very difficult) to intensely feel something that HASN'T HAPPENED, especially if I am in a state of sadness or anxiety.

But then I read something that somehow made the thought of doing this easy.

I was browsing through this little, pocket-size paperback called Miracles (aptly named in my estimation) by Start Wilde.  The interesting thing about this tiny booklet  is that I have had it for many years and every so often I dust it off and read it again (when I need a miracle, I guess).

Miracles is a wonderfully simple yet profound statement about how the Universe works and I occasionally find myself dipping into it for whatever piece of wisdom I need at that time.

Yesterday, I read that the reason  we need to conjure up intense emotions and vividly visualize what it feels like to enjoy the object of our manifestation is because we have to first create our inner world 
and then 
the outer world will MATCH and MANIFEST it for us.

That's the principle operating here.  We work

Suddenly, the idea of creating "the inner world" we desire seemed doable. It felt like a logical approach...one I could embrace EVEN if I was mired in some distressing emotions.

As I reflect on this shift in my thinking, it seems to me that I find this concept so appealing...inviting, even... because, for me, the approach marries left and right brain. 

The right brain here is the EMOTIONAL work
the left brain is the CONCEPT of moving from the inside out.

I am thrilled to find this connection and it IS catapulting me into action...

and it's both a joy and relief to finally put the manifestation formula into clear, committed enterprise.

As I walked down a couple of stairs this morning and found my knees creaking at each new rung, I decided to create an inner world where I was stepping into velvet which was oh so delicately cushioning my knees.

This is obviously going to be the beginning of a HUGE adventure for me.

What kind of adventurous inner world might be waiting for your attention?

image from en.wikipedia.org.     

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