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Friday, January 18, 2013

Quiet Glory

Nature is all around us.  It is in being quiet in nature that your eyes begin to OPEN as you observe how it tends to itself.
           Gina Quaries


In contemporary society we find ourselves deluged with messages of
how to achieve "the good life" 
shouted at us through the media:  newspaper articles, magazines, books, radio, television, the entertainment industry.  

The drama is everywhere in big, bold, intense packaging and we, in our desire to feel pretty and powerful and successful, are often beguiled by the appeal to our ego.

And yet, interestingly, while this commercial carnival intensifies our appetite for recognition and achievement, waiting patiently as close as outside our door


the most beautiful, spiritual guidance regarding how to care for ourselves with loving attention and deep wisdom.

Nature...in all of its glorious splendor...is the perfect paradigm for this very important task.

Observing her intuitive intelligence, we see her move graciously through the passage of time and the influence of elements in her environment. 

She responds to her earth cycle with a simple yet profound acceptance of WHAT IS transpiring and enters into its rhythm with joy and jubilation.

When she needs sustenance, she takes it from the bounty surrounding her..and only what is needed, leaving the rest for service to her compatriots.

She stands tall..with pride, honoring her strength and beauty.  

She blends with her entourage, acknowledging its gifts and glory.

Nature is an eloquent example for us regarding how to "tend to ourselves" so that we can live a beautiful, natural spirit-filled life.

Why not take some quiet moments to indulge your senses and  inspire your spirituality by taking a holiday with this magnificent Mentor!


image from globeattractions.com.  

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