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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


There's a very special tip off that tells us when someone is dipping into an issue fraught with unresolved and unhealed subconscious pain:  


I'm talking about the "Juice" of their reaction to something that is being said or done.  

The unusual pause...
the tense breathing...
clenched hands...
the muscles pulsating in the side of the jaw...
raised voice...
harsh words... 
halting words...

All of that STUFF that tips us off that something  did not go down well with someone but rather took a HARSH DETOUR down the pathway of their pain, hurt or vulnerability.

It happens to all of us at times and thankfully so for this "Juice" is a message to those around us and, most especially, to ourselves that we are hurting and in need of compassion, tenderness and love to strengthen us so that we can glimpse a
SOUL VIEW of what our emotions are trying to tell us. 

The body is such a true, authentic  indicator of what we are feeling. 

And our feelings NEED to be accepted, recognized, understood 
 they need to be spoken. 

This process is called Speaking Our Truth and it is crucial to our health and well-being.

It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that we keep our energy clear and open and moving.  

When we do not speak our truth, it doubles back on us, lodges somewhere in our bodies causing roadblocks and obstacles to our sense of well-being.

We MUST speak our truth in the best way we know how and, equally important, we MUST invite and listen to others' truth and attempt to understand their point of view.  

When we do this from the intention to act from pure love, we can feel sure that the most perfect course of action (a change in perception...in attitude...in something we choose to do) will find its way into our hearts.

Whenever we observe our own or someone else's "Juice" showing up on the scene, we have been given

 a very special opportunity 

to minister to a PAIN ready to reveal itself to our open hearts.  

image from christineranck.com.  

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