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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Line Up

I imagine that each of us metaphorically stood in a spiritual line ready to  receive an infusion of 
the most beautiful graces to aid us on our journey.  

I wonder...which lines we all stood in?  

Were we gifted with strength, perseverance, tenacity? 

Perhaps our bounty was warmth, compassion, devotion.

Maybe our special grace was acceptance, endurance, resiliency.

Perhaps there was yet another avenue we strolled to gather a boatload of common sense and cut-to-the-chase moxie.

Or...we may have picked up the beauty of creativity and talent or the fun of humor and lightheartedness.  

Perhaps we dipped into the visionary cloud or sang nature's joy as we connected with the gifts of the earth.

Regardless of the lines in which we stood and the gift of graces we "received", every one of us holds these gifts...and this beauty gets expressed in a myriad of surprising, delightful, amazing ways.

And the message I am feeling about this virtual lineup in which we all  engage is:    

The importance of the power of Appreciation...

Our Appreciation for the amazing gifts we enjoy AND our appreciation for the skills and talents and stunning attributes and loving character traits of EVERYONE we encounter.

The more we recognize and appreciate this bounty in ourselves and others, the more we are all encouraged to open ourselves and 

VIBRATIONALLY share our glorious gifts.

Have you ever recognized and admired something strong and amazing and beautiful in another person? 

EVERY ONE of us carries gifts from our Divine Creator. 

By expressing our admiration and appreciation for all the amazing attributes we see in ourselves and in others, we help open the vibrational portal to empower all of us to share in this heavenly abundance.

image from seattle.urbansketchers.org.   

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