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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Imperial Peacocks and A Tawny Cat


What do two glorious, imperial peacocks  and a tawny neighborhood cat have in common? 

 Both seem to have been recently conscripted (like so much of nature's animal kingdom) to serve as Messengers...delivering affirmations and proclamations of hope and compassion to two students enrolled in the rigorous curriculum of earth school.

Here are THE TWO SCENARIOS of these extraordinary moments.

The woman to whom the peacock appeared described her experience afterwards in magical phrases. "He had long, beautiful feathers trailing behind him like an emperor's robe, a majestic slow walk, his robust feathered chest puffed out and strutting like royalty."  His "handsome bird face" carried "a crown of feathers".  And (here is the charm and fascination)...he was accompanied by an equally brilliant counterpart...however, this peacock stood only twelve inches high.  Father and son...out for an evening stroll!

The magic of this exquisite encounter is this:  at the very moment the peacocks appeared, the observer had been anxiously pondering her concern about the strength and sustainability of her son and grandson's relationship...and there she was.presented suddenly with a vividly glorious display of  PATERNAL BONDING.

This Divine answer to the question being presented could not have been more dramatic, more intense and more beautiful.

The second encounter took place on my home territory.

The tawny cat who roams our neighborhood does not carry the imperial presence of the glorious peacocks but she has her own brand of charm...which she keeps to herself most of the time.  She loves to sneak on our porch  and pause to view the wonders of nature but the moment we step nearby, she is gone...like lightning.

Recently, however, I was sitting on the porch with a tawny colored throw on my lap, contemplating some old emotional issues I had not yet been able to unravel when I suddenly made some new connections and was able to reframe the problem.  I found the new insight astounding...and I was not the only one to be impressed for just then the tawny cat made her way to the porch, came directly up to me, looked me straight in the eyes and made a sound that sounded exactly like "Wow".  Following her comment, she gazed into my eyes a second time, voiced her approval with the same sound and was suddenly gone.

It was perfectly clear the tawny cat had been on a mission as were the father and son peacocks...delivering heavenly affirmations in the most delightful, unexpected and entrancing manner.

And it seems these Divine Messengers have many cohorts in their celestial assignments.  I've heard stories of blackbirds, hummingbirds, doves and dragonflies also reaching out to extend Love to earth dwellers laboring on their life journey.

Perhaps there is a reason for the appearance of these soulful interventions.

Are we catching glimpses of these amazing ambassadors because we are learning to watch more closely for the astounding evidence of the 

Love  that  authors, cradles and rocks the universe?

image of peacocks from dragoart.com
How to Draw a Peacock, Step by Step

image of cat from yerf.metafur.org
S. M. Bittler (Synnabar) - Yerf Historical Archive

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