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Saturday, February 8, 2014



Whenever we realize that we have made a misstep, reacting to someone or something in a way that is negative or critical…

it is so easy to REPLAY OUR MISTAKE over and over in our minds, heaping blame on ourselves and sending ourselves messages about how poorly we have behaved.

And by doing this we have found the perfect way how NOT to make things better because the more we focus on (obsess over) our mistakes, the more we attract more negativity into our lives.

In Personal Power through Awareness Sanaya Roman saysIt is important to learn forgiveness, because every time you REPLAY a negative memory, making yourself wrong, you are CREATING IT AGAIN in the future.  

In moments of crisis A NEW SELF is often born, a baby self, one that has just come into being with the crisis.  Like a small child it may not have the skills to handle things perfectly or beautifully, and yet that self is growing every moment.

It is NOT a gift to this new being if you go back and send it images of its wrongness. 

One of the skills we may have already developed in our life is how to be a good nurturer.  We may already be able to beautifully support and guide our family and friends in their time of need.  Now…what is essential…is to give that compassion to ourselves.

Once again…we are, in effect, REINVENTING OURSELVES.  Life is a series of reinventions and the time of recognizing, accepting and blessing our missteps is a perfect opportunity to use this process for our spiritual growth.

Sanaya Roman says we never do anything that is not in some way an attempt to bring more LIGHT into our lives

Therefore, we can bless the circumstances that have produced the new self that has been born.  Bless and thank them…and then nurture this new, more loving, more luminous self which is being introduced into your life.

the wonder of your humanity…
this amazing opportunity in earth school…
your openness to learning…
the beautiful work of your Higher Self who has directed you to this EPIPHANY!

Flower image from preciouswomenproject.wordpress.com

originally published August 8, 2011

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