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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mystic Messages

The universe 
the light of the stars come TO me.*

What a dazzling visual...the beautiful, breathtaking light and energy of our universe streaming to and through our consciousness.

 Have you ever felt this happening?
I enjoy the essence of this concept being manifested to me each and every day as I watch and listen for messages from the Divine Universe.
*One of the first things I do each morning is CHECK MY BLOG to see which blog posts are currently on the top ten list as "most popular". 
That list is changing all the time as people around the world read selections. 
I have learned that the blogs that are showing up on that list (sometimes from nearly two years ago)  are ALWAYS messages I need to be reminded of that day so I go back and read what I had already written and receive the guidance I need.

*Here's another way that Divine Light streams into my life. 
 I often find that when I experience a problem THE SOLUTION LIES IN A BLOG I had written just a few days before. 
The solution shows up BEFORE the problem!  

What a brilliant example of the Divine Universe always attending to our needs and, in this case, there's a sense of lightheartedness and whimsy in the order in which the solutions appear.

*I ALSO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO COMMENTS made by people I am with and even people I am around (but not interacting with).   
Especially when someone feels very strongly about something.

*AND THAT ATTENTION ALSO EXTENDS to what I am reading or perhaps viewing on television, too.

*SOMETIMES I GET VARIATIONS OF THE SAME MESSAGE from different sources.  That is always an indicator of an important message waiting for me.

*AND IF THE PLUMBING GOES AWRY (or anything else)... I hear a "Knock,  knock... Something's going on" coming in.

The mystic  messages are EVERYWHERE and it's great fun discovering them and doing my detective work to ascertain their meaning.

The clues for the advancement of our life journey are but waiting for our attention. 
Some are quiet and subtle.  And some (the really pressing, urgent ones) are over-the-top obvious IF we are paying attention.

The universe and the light of the stars come TO me...
and they can come to you, too.
Invite this breathless display of INTUITIVE RADIANCE into YOUR life.

*variation on a quote from Rumi
     quote courtesy of  Rose Shanti

image from examiner.com
The Universe and Me
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originally published July 7, 2012

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