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Monday, January 19, 2015


Here’s a steppingstone that will move us forward when we feel locked in a place of negative emotion.

We know what we feel in a given situation and we don’t like it. But it’s difficult to move past it. At the same time we can clearly see where we would like to be and it’s a Higher Self position. But we are   
not there yet.

Take a breath, center ourselves and make this simple comment: 
This is what I aspire to:

Use whatever words fit the moment:

I aspire to be loving and compassionate.
I aspire to forgive the hurt.
I aspire to see where my ego is entering into this situation.
I aspire to be centered and peaceful.
I aspire to take beautiful care of myself.
I aspire to speak my truth.
I aspire to listen to yours.

Just the mere utterance to ourselves and to others of these powerful words:
This is what I aspire to will be a personal and public declaration of where we intend to go with our reaction and what we intend to do about it.

We are giving notice to the lower vibrations circling around us that they are on their way out of this picture. We have declared our intention to let the sunshine in and act from a foundation of

This beautiful message helps us relieve our suffering and also assists others to see what we are intending to accomplish.

There is a softening that occurs when these words are uttered…in our hearts and in the hearts of those around us.

I have never seen these words fail to make a difference. They’re a form of alchemy…making gold out of base metal.

One step forward…but a very important one…in bringing in the


                                                                 Marie Helena



originally published April 3, 2011

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