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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Person You Become

We’re all born into a role but the person you become is up to you.

                                  A Winter Princess

Countless stories in our collective cultural psyche abound about children who followed in the footsteps of their parents, stepping into a distinct path carved out of many years of work, dedication and commitment in their families of origin.  And many of those adult children are pleased and happy to continue the family tradition which may take the form of professional vocations, personal commitments, or even lifestyle choices.  Many are happy as these choices  feel right.  Many...but not all.

For some there is a sense of obligation or expectation...perhaps even the desire to please someone and make that someone happy.  But there is a miscalculation in this thinking for the path to happiness always comes from listening to the music of our own heart.

Living for someone else eventually exacts a heavy toll.   Somehow, we miss the beautiful orbs of energy which are born from the choice to do or be what we desire, to follow what makes our heart sing.

When we discover that we love to do something, it is because we have a gift in that direction and honoring that gift produces an exquisite joy which then blesses everyone with whom we interact for JOY cannot be resisted. Our gift to the world literally comes from gifting ourselves.

The circumstances under which we are born are meant to function as a springboard for the blossoming of our lives. They give us a base of operation...one we can adopt and develop more fully for ourselves, or, one we can use to propel us forward into new and different adventures which lead to the discovery and development of talents we find in ourselves.

Every element of our lives plays  a meaningful role as a spark or catalyst for what we decide to do.  We are not locked into a blueprint regardless of who may mistakenly hold this belief.

Our challenge is to take the gifts of our heritage and decide how we want to examine, expand, transcend or celebrate them.

The person you become is up to you.

                                                                                    Marie Helena

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