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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Clarence and the Entourage

One day last December I was reading my incoming emails when I came upon a message from one of my favorite spiritual writers, Teri Uktena.  In her email Teri talked  about how we all have an entourage of spirit guides who are “backstage hands working behind the scenes responsible for supporting us through various aspects of our soul’s experience.”  Each spirit guide has a special assignment.   Teri said that spirit guides are there “to have our backs, fill in the gaps, and help us to achieve what we're striving for at any given moment.”

Interestingly, Teri encouraged everyone to have conscious communication with their spirit guides.  And to help us accomplish this she said spirit guides can present visual images to us and names that reflect their personalities.

Her very interesting comments apparently found a niche in my highly intrigued subconscious that day for late that night as I was preparing to go to sleep the name Clarence suddenly popped into my head.  In a very distinctive manner and with a sense of real ceremony.

Now Clarence is not a name I would have ordinarily thought of myself.   In fact, it seemed rather unusual and very curious to me...kind of mischievous...and I suddenly wondered whether Clarence might be one of my spirit guides ready to connect with me and now seizing the opportunity that had been suggested to me by Teri’s email that day.

Almost immediately after Clarence’s appearance the word health popped into my consciousness and I deduced that Clarence’s spirit guide assignment centered around the concept of my health.

Next, I begin to get a visual image in my imagination of Clarence and I found him dressed as a clown.  (Incidentally, time and experience would prove that Clarence would ALWAYS appear to me in his clown attire.)  I began to wonder about the clown costume and suddenly realized that clown Clarence was there to bring some lightness and laughter into my life.  I had been going through a very difficult few months and had been profoundly sad.  Now it seemed that Clarence had apparently arrived on the scene to change all of that.

Directly after this mischievous, delightful spirit guide broke into my consciousness and continuing the following morning I found many more spirit guides followed him in.

Here are just some of the entourage that appeared:

financial challenges

publishing my next book, writing

sensitivity, gentleness


Clearing out (physical and emotional)    


another dimension

being open to others’ views

persistent subconscious beliefs of mine



compassion for others
independence, self-reliance

tech assistance





Suddenly, I found myself surrounded with a clear image of the “backup” Teri had mentioned and also support and encouragement.  Creative ideas came billowing in to my consciousness.

Now here is a very interesting anecdote to add to the story of my spirit guides.   A few weeks ago I requested a reading from a favorite Shaman of mine and asked her if she had any messages for me from my spirit guides.  I sent her a list of their names.  She told me that she felt a different vibration from each one and wherever she sensed someone wanted to speak, she paused and listened to the message.

When the Shaman sent me her response to my request I noticed that Clarence was not one of the speakers and commented that
I was surprised at this because  he is such a showman.  I wondered about her experience with him.  She answered:
“Yes, Clarence is clever, likes to play and I found him smiling at and with me.

T’was fun to be amongst it all.”

I was amazed and thrilled that the Shaman was able to tap into the same energy I was experiencing.

And from this most delightful spirit guide experience I draw this important conclusion...

Oh, yes, we truly have the most magnificent spiritual support available to us.   And I believe that support shows itself to us in the way in which we can receive it. Happily for me, I am thoroughly enchanted with the showboating Clarence and his colorful and vivacious entourage.

In the evening as I am ready to fall asleep my spirit guides entertain me with some very delightful line dancing to music I love by Air Supply.  And Clarence is always leading the parade.

                       Marie Helena

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