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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Strangers in Paradise

Everything is always happening FOR me.      
                    Abraham Hicks
In a recently channeled message Sara Wiseman, visionary teacher of spiritual intuition, tells us that the Coronavirus has arrived as a sign, a wakeup, a grand disrupter.  And it is not the first that we have experienced.  We have endured cataclysmic wakeup calls from nature and weather and disease.  And now we have been catapulted into this unprecedented world-wide pandemic.  

We are brave souls, having volunteered to incarnate during this chaotic and tumultuous time.  Our planet is undergoing a shift to move to a higher vibration and its profound rumblings are evidence of its gates opening wide, inviting us to a magnificent evolution where love, joy, and peace prevail.

The very concept of residing in a beautiful environment such as this is mind blowing.  As little babes entering the world, we tasted its splendor for a brief crossing over but most have long forgotten what it feels like to always be unconditionally loved.

And yet earth is poised for this unconventional journey of remembering.  And we are being given an experience which  compels us into deep contemplation of what is missing from our lives.  What is missing in the global community.  

The distractions of our daily life have been removed.  We are left with time and space to focus on how we can create the environment of love.  For everyone.

This is difficult work.  We are strangers to this paradise of joyful, unconditional, universal LOVE.

But we have seen stirrings of it in the many generous efforts by individuals to help each other, often expressed in the most imaginative and creative ways to connect with each other while we are separated.

If we can do this, we can also “dream” ourselves through this earthly passage of our lives.

We may initially be “strangers” to the richness and magnificence of unconditional acceptance and love for all but paradise CAN and WILL eventually become for us our new home.  

And so it is.

                                                          Marie Helena


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