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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Nature’s Sacred Conversation

It’s very quiet on our streets as so many of us are in lock down mode in an effort to avoid spreading the Coronavirus that has taken up intense residency on our shores. It is eerie and somber with empty stores dotting the boulevards and  occasional home window displays bravely broadcasting hopefulness and solidarity during this surreal episode of our lives.

But amid all of this quietude and lugubrious setting there is a vibrant and compelling conversation threading itself through the terrain.

And it’s coming from nature who is concerned and intrigued with our Coronavirus crisis. And it is nature who is wanting to help us.

How do I reach this conclusion?

Because we have learned there is a global community in nature focusing on caring for itself and each other.  Forests, for example, are living organisms with a subterranean system linking trees, plants and vegetation so that they can minister to the needs of each other, sharing elements needed for nurturance and growth and alerting each other to common dangers and their antidotes.

What a stunning example of the exquisite design of our universe
and its benevolence!

And here is another intriguing fact I have learned about plants and gardeners.

When an individual is raising plants to eat and tends to them with personal, loving care, those plants produce whatever the individual’s DNA requires.

There is obviously profound communication going on within nature and between the natural world and humanity. And I wonder what might be the messages circulating today about the Coronavirus.

I would guess we are being encouraged to become even more aware of and to practice profound contemplation of our spiritual connection to nature, especially as a healing modality.

I have been hugging trees for many years without knowing the scientific validation. Without knowing that we and trees share 25% of our DNA.  

I just do it because it feels good. It connects me with the earth. It makes me feel grounded, conjoined with the trees, our roots together extending deep into Gaia. 

This symbiosis I experience appears to be doing more than making me feel grounded.  Perhaps 
our environment....EVERYTHING in nature we see or feel or touch...is here to minister to our pain or distress and soothe us on that journey.

Is there a mystic message here NOW awaiting our discovery?

Are we being invited to join Nature’s Sacred Conversation so that we can heal our bodies and our souls and, as spiritual alchemists, transmute the Coronavirus into an unending expression of the love that sources the universe?

                                                                                             Marie Helena                                                         

visionary art on Pinterest. 
Alex Grey


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