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Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Observer

IF you could set aside for a few moments ALL of the difficulties associated with the pandemic and IF you could step back and view this experience as a flashpoint in time, I believe you would be looking at an intensely fascinating  experience on the earth plane.  One which you, no doubt, could have never imagined nor  willingly chosen.  But here it is.  And we are left to our own devices regarding how to navigate this “chapter” in our history.

Several issues demand our attention.  First and foremost, we must ensure our safety.  Interestingly, the debate which rages on regarding how to do this is not resolved.  Secondly, there is also the issue of how to concurrently be our brothers’ keeper.  Another quandary being heavily debated.

Already, on the first two primary concerns there is contention with no universal agreement on how to accomplish these goals.

And, while we passionately debate what is needed and important, more questions emerge from the gravitas.  What is the soul view of this pandemic?  What are we meant to learn from it?

IF we can set aside our own personal and distressing experience of the pandemic, we can begin to see the picture of a planet being shaken to its core.  The picture of everyday human life being halted while this scenario unfolds.  The picture of our being directed to social distance, to disappear behind our masks for solitary  contemplation of the ways in which we have participated in  the current state of the grand experiment of earth.  The catastrophic picture of the effects some of our choices have brought about.

If you were a Hollywood writer/ producer  looking for an epic story to portray on the big screen, this could be it.

Can you as the OBSERVER “see” the message of this film?  Can you feel the responsibility of understanding its significance?

The pandemic is not just a random occurrence.  The profound and beautiful Intelligence of LIFE itself is speaking through its machinations.  And it is speaking in a devastating way.  And so there must be a devastating message behind this unfolding.

History will ultimately record the story of this cataclysmic chapter in our lives.  Our children’s children will read about it.  But WE have a ticket to ride.  Our souls have volunteered for duty.  And It is only the strongest  spirits who walk the earth at this time.

As an individual participating in the pandemic which has taken over all of our lives, have you yet understood what the planet is trying to say and have you joined with others for the common purpose of healing all passengers on this gripping voyage? 

Take a moment as the Observer and see what you can discern.  You came here for a reason.

                                                                                                    Marie Helena

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