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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Let the Waters Settle

Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.


The energy we are now experiencing from Covid 19 is immensely bold and powerful. Whipping its way around the planet...pulling back... then lashing forward again with renewed impatience. Nearly helpless, we watch the DRAMA and struggle to make sense of it, hoping to tame the gravitas of this adversary.

But it will have its way. And it will not desist until we have heard and held its message. Some of us are listening and some of us are not yet capable of this. The veracity of life is speaking. And we must open our hearts to hear her.

The ISSUES and corresponding questions are clear. They have always been clear but we have not been willing to acknowledge the effect of our choices. And now we must move in that very direction.

What has influenced our disregard for our Brothers and Sisters when the resources of the earth have always been enough to care for everyone? When ALL of earth’s inhabitants could live and prosper in this paradise of natural opulence?

Why have we continued to seize and squander this gift of our planet even while enduring the resulting malcontent of “never enough”?

We are out of alignment. This is our problem. Profoundly out of alignment with Who We Really Are.

We have forgotten the story of love from which we were created. We have agreed to the forgetting but now it is time for us to remember and return.

We are being shown the way. Let us be amazed at how the Universe is doing this. Every time she moves, she calls out to our hearts, hoping to retrieve them from our compromising measures.

Let us pause and consider what is the true source of happiness in our lives and what is the true source of our pain.

Returning to Love will quiet our souls and quell the dissonance. And, while we make our way there through the intelligence of our hearts, we Let the Waters of Covid Settle. And they will. They have awakened us and, one by one, we are arriving. A tempestuous but ultimately joyous journey.

                                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from pinterest

Turbulent Sea by Frederick Judd Waugh

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