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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Voices Buried Deep in the Soul

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic Congress is struggling with great effort to pass legislation that will provide for the welfare of our country. And it is so desperately needed to keep us safe, healthy and functioning.  But there is an even deeper need that we must all consider during these unsettling times.  An unmet need that is buried deep in the souls of our countrymen and that is sourcing the pain responsible for our widespread dissent.  

We can all play a role in solving this crisis.  And it is difficult work that we must do.  We must access our best self so we can see beyond our own concerns and discern and understand the longing of each individual to be heard and understood.  Just as we would wish for ourselves.

We cannot pass legislation to meet that very human need.  We cannot legislate the answer.  We can require individuals to observe our laws but we cannot make them feel a certain way.  What we can do is address the problems that trouble the heart, offering it compassion and validation.

Here is where we can all make a profound contribution.  

Because we are imperfect and we all come from backgrounds which are dysfunctional to some degree nearly everyone has been raised in an environment where we have been subject to the voice of authority.  From our families, from the community, from schools, religion, government and business.

We learn to acquiesce, to go along, to “suck it up” and somewhere in the middle of this process we lose our own voice.  It becomes muted, distant, and eventually irrelevant.  Consciously, at least.  But, unconsciously, the voice that is not heard still suffers greatly and, because it does not recog nize its own power, it is susceptible to fear.  And it responds to the stoking of that fear. It even joins in the celebration of that fear for now in that celebration it is finally being heard.

When someone is not being heard, it is because there’s no one to listen.  Have we all stopped listening?
Do we listen only to the reiteration of our own ideas?  Are we failing to extend to others the response we so much want for ourselves?  To be heard.  To be understood. To be validated for the feelings of our heart.  

Those who have not been heard and understood and validated harbor a growing sadness which can transform into anger, fear, and, eventually, intolerance.  We cannot give to others what we do not have   We can only project the negative feelings in our heart onto others.  It is a tight circle of dysfunction.

What is the answer to this pattern of behavior which has existed for so long? 

We need to evolve into a new dimension.  We need to leave this practice behind.  It is the old way and we are redefining ourselves, reinventing ourselves in every moment. And we are being profoundly called to do this during the pandemic which has shown us so clearly our practices that are detrimental and need to be released.

In this moment we are on the cusp of a new world.  The lessons we are learning from observing our own behavior are sourcing the transformation into a new dimension.  Those lessons are here for a reason.  They are a profound gift.  They guide us to a higher version of ourselves.  A way to break free from the accumulated dissonance and frustration.

Educator Arleen Lorrance describes her moment of epiphany regarding release and transformation.

“It came in on me loud and clear that I was the only one who could imprison (or release) me, that I was the only one I could do anything about changing. So I let go of my anger and negativism and made a decision to simply be totally loving, open and vulnerable all the time.”

What would the world be like if everyone made a decision like this? What a beautiful dream!

We have the opportunity to become this new dimension where everyone’s voice is heard, understood, and considered.  Where there is  no need to fear anyone.  Where we care for others the way we care for ourselves.

Ghandi showed us the way to this new and beautiful universe:

Be the change you want to see.

                                                                                Marie Helena

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