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Monday, August 1, 2011

Own It !

There are two programs on TV today teaching us a very important lesson in 
high energy, 
super entertaining way.  

They are Glee…and its companion piece about tryouts for the show, The Glee Project.

The emotional, high intensity singing and dancing of the cast members are mesmerizing.

You are going to find your feet tapping and your heart singing as you tune in to this contemporary version of musical theatre.  The zooming vibrations cannot be ignored.

 And the reason is that the kids in the show try so valiantly to do what the director characters keep reminding them of:  Own It!

Whenever one of the characters does not  Own It, it shows.  And sometimes (for story line purposes) we see this happen.  There is a disconnect between the performer and the director (and also the viewing audience).   Something has gotten in the way of direct delivery…anxiety, fear, tension, stress.

The artistic directors pick this up right on impact and talk to the performers about what they see and give them guidance about how to find the path straight into their heart.

Here’s the lesson for us.  

We are all so beautifully gifted in such wildly different ways.  Each with our own special brand of pIzazz.  Each with our own story.  And emotions.  

When we CONNECT with the truth of all of this, we do OWN IT and our life delivery shows it.

If we are suffering from an issue, we need to name it and face it and deal with it.  

Our choice to deal with the issue and follow through is real…authentic.   

WE WALK IN OUR TRUTH.  And that truth empowers us to shine…just like the cast members of these very famous shows.

We are, each of us, the star of our own story and when we  Own It, we are fully engaged with life and  the world is COMPELLED to respond.

What a fabulous way to strut our stuff!

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  1. And I am glad my attempts to own it are not broadcast on national television!