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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hug Alerts and Compliment Showers

It has been my pleasure to have a very unique, colorful, out-of-the-box former colleague and friend in my life nicknamed (by me) Buffy

Although most others know him by the name Buff, I prefer the inner child version of Buffy.  

The reason is that Buffy is soooooo in touch with his wunderkind.

Let me give you some examples.

Children are unafraid to ask for what they want.  And that's Buffy.

He loves to get a hug from me and, by gosh, he goes for it.   

We used to work together and whenever he would see me coming toward him in the hallway he would shout out HUG ALERT so that everyone nearby could hear. 

After his announcement, he would enthusiastically approach me, his arms outstretched...and give me a big bear hug.   I had so much fun watching him do this that I soon decided to make this announcement, too, whenever I would spy him approaching nearby.  Before long Buffy and I became famous for our unusual meet-and-greets.

Buffy and I had collaborated on and presented a lot of workshops together and had soon become fast friends.  We could both sense each other's state of the heart and always tried to pay attention to those signals.  

We also learned to do one better by not even waiting for support and affirmation from each other  but rather asking for them as soon as we sensed the need.  Thus was born the COMPLIMENT SHOWER.

Buffy would come to my office whenever he needed a lift because of something that was distressing him.  He would arrive at my door and simply ask for a Compliment Shower.  Our unspoken but naturally understood rules were:  no need to even explain why the compliment shower was needed.  We just had to make the request. 

Whenever Buffy asked me for this special gift I immediately began to tell him all the wonderful things I knew about him.  As I talked I would watch his face begin to lighten.  Soon he would say..."We're almost there...just a little more."
I have NEVER had a problem telling  someone why I think they are special so my list of lovely things just spilled right out of my heart.  When Buffy had received just the right amount he would say,  

"There...that's just perfect...", give me a big thank you and bid me adieu with a wide flourish of a smile and a stream of positive energy following him as he left my office.

I also enjoyed the beauty of the Compliment Shower Buffy would give me with unconditional love and caring  whenever I requested it and without ever knowing what had caused the maelstrom to me.  Sometimes, when our schedules prevented an in-person visit we would even do this over the phone.

These delightful scenarios are just two examples of why I love Buffy and why his presence always signals a beautiful experience.

It seems to me that HUG ALERTS and COMPLIMENT SHOWERS given between and among family and friends are an indisputable and delightful source of high vibrations. 

They are offered from heart-centered caring and give us an oh-so-gentle nudge along the way of our rediscovering all of the wonderful things (we already know but have temporarily forgotten) about ourselves.
Why not consider indulging in the whimsical practices of HUG ALERTS and COMPLIMENT SHOWERS... 

even better,

why not create your own ways to give and receive love and support to your family and friends.  

What a lovely way to remind ourselves of the storehouse of gifts we can give to each other!

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