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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Connection


EVERYTHING that exists is LOVE expressing itself in the best way it knows how. 

It is easy to view happy, positive events as coming from love.

However, we may  experience difficulty connecting love with distressing, uncomfortable or worrisome circumstances. 

We may have negative feelings about the less than desirable choices we or others might make and about their consequences.  

Sometimes we have anxieties or concerns...and sometimes we have wounds that need  healing.  These moments may feel as if they are the opposite of love.

However, all of these circumstances...ALL of them...are, in reality, LOVE expressing itself in the best way it knows how...and that is why we need not abandon our knowingness that WE are LOVE...even when we feel upset or distressed or in pain.   

All that is needed is the realization that our journey includes learning...reaching...growing.  

And that learning, reaching, growing (though sometimes difficult and challenging) is LOVE expressing itself as far, as fully, as beautifully as it is able at that moment in time. 

Our earth journey takes us on the path to that learning, reaching, and growing... and, while we are doing this, we are ALREADY LOVE.

When we know  WHO we are (that we ARE LOVE) and we are BEING LOVE...what we DO is an expression of this knowledge with no effort...only peace and a joyful re-membering of our connection through LOVE, the universal principle of the Divine Universe.

EVERYTHING that exists
expressing itself 
the best way it knows how.  

image from flowervector.com

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