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Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Moment, Please



Here's a phrase we've heard many times when we are attempting to accomplish a business task during a phone conversation..."One Moment, Please".  

And during this "Moment" events are occurring that will help  us achieve the goal we are trying to pursue.

Our inquiry is routed to the appropriate office; the people in charge of helping us with a particular problem are being contacted; records of our interactions with that office are being accessed...all for the sole purpose of helping us gain satisfaction and accomplishing our goal.

It's a good system (even  if it sometimes takes awhile to make the connection).
That "One Moment" pause enables our transaction to eventually proceed smoothly...and, perhaps, can offer us some very good inspiration regarding the way we conduct our personal affairs.

Like the sometimes sticky situation when something someone says triggers a reaction from our past...a reaction linked to some unhealed pain that may very well make a rather dramatic resurrection in this present interaction if we do not take "one moment" for ourselves.

And what might  actually transpire during this "Moment"?

For starters, 

As we recognize our emotions surging up,  we could take a deep, balancing breath for the purpose of helping us check "our records" and recognizing what belongs to the past and what is transpiring now.


We could  offer ourselves compassion for the pain we are still carrying.
This generosity toward self could soften our suffering, helping us recover our equilibrium and making it a little easier to feel compassion in our heart for the other party involved in the transaction,  recognizing that they have inherited the vibration of the emotional fallout of our previous wound.

And,  perhaps, in our conversation we might want to softly refer to the personal history of ours that has just been accessed...or not.  A gentle comment about how we are receiving this moment can be of great value to the other person, empowering them to understand us better and, perhaps, offer emotional support. 

But, even if we choose not to discuss our process, we will have experienced a vibrational shift that will help us navigate the conversation with  patience and sensitivity for ourselves and anyone else involved in the interaction.

Taking "A  Moment"  is a wonderful way to use our consciousness to help us navigate a challenging situation.  And we can make it a spiritual exercise to have the intention to access the soul view (bigger picture) of what is happening.

Can you imagine a sprinkling of heavenly moonbeams entering your heart to help you see how this conversation is directing your attention to something in you that needs healing?

Do you need "One Moment, Please "?

image from kingdomofwomen.net

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