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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Seeds of BLISS



And, by the way, that's every last one of us
we are ALL "gardeners" who plant the seeds that bring forth the blossoming of our lives!

OK, then, Gardeners....

Regardless of what is growing in your garden now...regardless of what that reality is... decide what you want  the next, grandest version of your garden to look like and totally immerse yourself in the picture,,,the feel, the scent, the ambiance of that  gorgeous, breathtaking view.

See the roses perfuming the air with their love and radiance...the lilies standing tall with pride and purpose, the daffodils reflecting the sunshine, the bluebells nodding in caring and compassion, the tulips speaking their truth with strength and authenticity, the violets sending love from their hearts to every one of God's creatures.

Sense the feeling, the ambiance of RADIANT HEALTH AND JOY exuding from every inch of the garden with beautiful VIBRATIONS rising from it and spreading to everything in its radius and beyond.

In this vision YOU are the roses, the daffodils, the love, the RADIANT HEALTH because you planted the SEEDS OF BLISS.

Hold that vision of the Seeds of Bliss and the beautiful bounty they give birth to firmly in your heart for YOU are creating your new reality

You are choosing to bring this loving vision into your life.
THIS is the place to bring your energy, your longing, your desire...your ATTENTION.

Choose to grow beautiful things in your garden.  Place ALL of your attention on this exquisite reality you are manifesting.

Plant the seeds of bliss!

image from picturesflowers.net

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  1. This would be a wonderful meditation at the start of each day! I love the metaphor!