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Monday, April 30, 2012

Are You Ready?

Have you ever tried to DO something or BE someone because someone else wanted you to...

and it didn't feel comfortable...or natural?

And yet perhaps you still attempted to deliver someone else's expectations, forcing yourself to ADAPT or, even worse, PRETEND to be something you are not.

Did you do this because you didn't want to disappoint someone...or because you wanted to make the other person happy...or because you didn't believe you had the right...in fact, what you considered the PRIVILEGE  of being yourself?

And what was the result of your performance?

I'm betting things didn't end well. 

And, if so, perhaps that is because we are never truly peaceful about donning a masquerade to "appear" to be something we are not.  We want to come to the PARTY dressed as ourselves and when we do, we feel natural and free.

It takes courage and faith and trust to always appear exactly as we truly are 

And it takes the awareness and acceptance that who we are at any given moment is a beautiful indication  of  where we are now landing in the evolution of our life


it's the EXPRESSION of our journey, including the joys, the challenges, the triumphs, the unhealed hurts.

And...it's all good.  It's the tracking of our progress at this point in time.

This is true for us and for everyone else. 

It's the way we move through Earth School.  There are many side roads to travel, misadventures to recover from AND victories to celebrate.

When we reveal our authentic self we display a picture of a work in progress based on how much "construction" has been underway and how much has been left  undone...so far.

It is important to CELEBRATE our humanity and our common journey and most especially to offer acceptance and support to ourselves and each other for being fearless enough to display who we truly are, thereby providing the most perfect environment for our spiritual evolution.

Are you ready? 

image from Pastiche Family Portal

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