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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barking Up the Wrong Tree


All that we seek can be experienced and created from tapping into the infinite source within. 

When we forget about this we find ourselves in conflict with others as we attempt to get energy from interactions instead of THE SOURCE. 

Peace begins with each of us choosing to tap in and turn on ourselves.  Then showing up fully energized we share and amp up our collaborations and fun.

Meredith Murphy 

Ever hear the saying you're barking up the wrong tree?  That's what Meredith Murphy is talking about here and it's something we all like to do.

We go to others to get our energy amped up.  

We have some pretty high hopes and expectations regarding the experience we would like to have and when the interchange or encounter doesn't deliver what we desire, we are VERY unhappy and we feel sure that "the other guy" dropped the ball and let us down.

What's wrong with this assumption?

"The other guy" isn't here to read the lines we write for him or tell us how great we are doing.   Oh, no.  He's got his own drama going and, like us, he's smack dab in the middle of it. 

What's really happening is a conglomeration of endless dramas, many of them intersecting...each one is of primary importance to the show's principal character.  That's you and me and everyone else.  All of us.  WE are the principal character in our own drama.  It's the human condition.

And, as the principal character on this vivid earth-stage we need to ascertain the fountainhead of our own strength.  And we needn't look far.  All that we have to do is focus on the Divine, Infinite Source within us to find the juice...the power...the energy ,as Meredith Murphy says, to tap into and turn on ourselves.

And it's a tremendous relief to be our own Life Force.   There is no question about getting connected.  No waiting,  No anxiety about being left behind.

And there is no judging or blaming others.

It's a matter of recognizing and taking responsibility for what we are designed to doWe are Divinely connected.  Our Higher Self is ever-present and is just waiting for the opportunity to guide and serve us.

THAT'S  the right tree to climb and the view is SPECTACULAR from the highest branches.   Up there we have oceans of energy for all of the adventures we have only imagined and, once we access this treasure, we can enter into all the vignettes of our life prepared for full engagement.

image from georgeideasandconcepts.blogspot.com

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