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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sending in Your "Best" Self


A mantra is a formula or phrase which is often repeated.  

On a subconscious level, our mantras, I feel, direct and inform our actions, whether we audibly voice them and reflect on them...or not.  

They are beliefs firmly lodged in our thinking and, if we observe the decisions we make and the actions we choose to take, we can easily see what they might be.

Sometimes, our governing mantras indicate our lower vibrations.
Do any of these less-than-positive
"mantras" sound familiar to you?

I can't
take time to rest until my to-do list is completed.

If I'm not perfect, no one will like me so I had better do what is being asked of me.

Looks like I have to bite the bullet.

Here we go again...I knew trouble was coming.

Why does this always happen to me?
I get so angry every time someone say
s that.

Recently, I've become more aware of the significance of the subconscious mantra powering our reactions to circumstances and events that we find unsettling.

I've been considering M. Scott Peck's comment:

“Life is difficult. This is the great truth, one of the greatest truths—it is a great truth because once we see this truth, we transcend it.”

I tried to make Peck's comment fit for me and it somehow wouldn't resonate, but this morning I came up with a version of it that fits me and my experience of life perfectly...

and here it is:

Life is intense...and so often it feels vibrant, spirited, passionate...but when I experience that intensity in a painful or distressing way (because of unhealed hurt), I choose to transcend it by becoming a source of Love.  

This is my REASON for choosing this path:

Physical symptoms and emotional upsets indicate a DISCONNECT from Pure Love.  It is the Reconnection to this Love that returns me to HEALTH and WHOLENESS.

I am finding this new mantra really helpful because now when I recognize pain/distress coming in, I have a clear path to follow. 

It feels like a LIGHT is shining in the darkness, guiding me to my Higher Self.

Whenever I am facing a difficult situation I always want to  SEND IN MY "BEST" SELF  to deal with it but this hasn't always been easy to do.  I can get to it eventually (usually after a lot of hard work) but having this new mantra makes the job much easier.  It's ready and waiting when I need it.  

I have made a life choice that can apply to every painful circumstance.  I don't have to go search for it and find it under a symbolic pile of distress and hurt feelings.

I aspire to making this mantra my go-to place when things feel difficult.  I would like it to become my default in moments of distress.

Do you have a mantra ready and waiting to help you when things get tough?

And, if so, are you clear on what SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEF is determining the direction of YOUR actions?

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