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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Don Miguel Ruiz tells us that it can be very exciting to create a masterpiece instead of the emotional drama earth dwellers so often experience.

Perhaps you've never thought about bringing artistry and beauty into your life.
Perhaps you feel  what's going to occur in your future is beyond your control and may not be pleasing to you.
Things will  just happen and you will be left with the JOB of reacting to them.   Hence, the origin of "emotional drama" as you may feel you will be left to deal with events you do not desire and, consequently, you express your dismay, your apprehension and anxiety and, sometimes, your utter frustration.

But what if you are missing something in this picture?


What if they occur NOT to make you the victim but to inspire you to become the best person you can be...to reveal to you something important about yourself that needs attention...to help you develop wisdom...or compassion...to help you be more generous and loving?

According to spiritual teacher and author Gary Zukav, there is nothing you will ever encounter in your life that is not for the healing of your soul.

If that is true (and I believe it is), we are receiving on a daily basis the subtle clues we need to recognize the path to our spiritual evolution.


How TUNED IN are you to these messages?

Are you aware that they can arrive from the most seemingly unimportant detail...from an offhand comment someone makes waiting in line at the store or the paragraph you read when you open up the pages of a book...
that the message may arrive from a major event... from the storm that brews when everyone in a crisis becomes reactive or the project you put so much time and effort into fails.
The Divine Universe is always, ALWAYS working on your behalf in the most creative and  powerful way to bring these messages to your attention...messages that ultimately contain the INSP
IRATION for your transformation.  IF you are listening. 

These messages may be delivered in the most unexpected ways.  And it is greatly entertaining to see how they manifest in our experience.

We can give an unconditional YES to life when we pay attention to what is happening and choose to learn the lessons contained in the circumstances and events that are being presented to us.

In doing this we weave together the GIFTS of these spiritual  sparklers tucked into the corners of our busy days and use their wisdom and love to create the masterpiece Ruiz is describing.
This awareness and attention will truly produce the joy of awakening to the mysterious and engaging "music" that is playing so lovingly and serenely by the Divine Universe in the background of our lives.

image from stushieart.com

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  1. Another way to find the good, positive and spiritual aspects of every part of our lives.