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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Standing By


When someone is telling us of his pain or distress, what is the most POWERFUL way we can respond?

First, we truly know that this experience is a part of the person's sacred journey and we honor it.

We do this by NOT presuming to know what is the best thing for this person to do. 

We trust that this vital and important information is available to him  as and when he chooses to access it.

Most importantly, we respond to the emotion he is expressing with the present moment gift of beautiful, mindful  listening and compassion.

When a person is feeling physical/emotional pain, he responds in a heart-centered way to being comforted and soothed by someone who is truly attempting to understand his feelings.  

Once a person feels heard and understood and cared about (soothed), he is ready to move forward on his own journey toward learning and understanding what the situation is trying to teach him.  

Now, the individual feels strong enough to begin to envision a way of helping himself that reflects strength and creativity (and that is inspired by his Higher Self ).

Standing by the person (by expressing caring and compassion) as he navigates his issue gives the STRONG message that he already has access to all of the strength and Divine wisdom he needs.

Standing in the way (by trying to solve the issue) gives a strong message, too...and that message tells him that he needs someone else to fix things for him.

It is not easy to remember the best way to offer help and support to someone in pain or distress.   We tend to feel the very human impulse to make things better for someone we care about. 

But the very best way we can help is to offer our listening and caring and compassion and to show by our intention and actions that we know the person can find all of the wisdom he needs within his own heart.

Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.
                                                        Rachel Joy Scott

image from freshrawlife.wordpress.com

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