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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Secret to a Happy Life


              "One of the secrets to a happy life is continuous small treats."
                                                                           Iris Murdoch

Bet you loved reading that one!  It just feels so wonderful to do nice things for yourself.

Like sipping a lovely cup of tea (perhaps with a cucumber sandwich or special pastry  like the English do...just for fun)...

Or buying front row tickets to your favorite sporting event...

Like dipping your toe into a warm lake and then taking it out to pad barefoot on the soft, sandy beach...

Like settling into your lazy boy chair and finally picking up the novel you've been waiting to dive into...

Or perhaps being entranced by the
glittering sapphire butterfly you spotted outside your window and deciding to follow its delicate flight.

Mmmmmmmmm.  Sounds great.

But besides the obvious pleasure these activities evoke, there are other great reasons for treating yourself so wonderfully.

And here they are.
Besides delighting your physical body these activities also soothe your emotions.  And do you know how delightful you are to be around when you are relaxed and happy?


Enjoying a lovely indulgence makes you very aware of that present moment and reminds you of the importance of mindfulness.


When you do things for yourself that you love it's easy to feel appreciative and gratitude always raises your vibration.

Enjoying these wonderful sense delights reminds you of the joy of inhabiting a physical body.


We ARE, all of us, unique creatures  experiencing the challenges of attending earth school.  We work hard and have many lessons to learn.  

And sometimes we get weary.

Delighting ourselves with lots of small treats on a daily basis is one of the best 
investments for a happy life we will ever make.

So spend some of that awesome energy on YOU!

image from tcfgwinnett.homestead.com

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