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Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Something MORE

There is ALWAYS more to the story.


No matter what we think we know about something that has happened, there is ALWAYS more to the story.  Always something MORE that explains a person's motivation for what he does, has done or is considering doing.  And it is ALWAYS a story of how he has been affected by what has already transpired in his life.  What is happening in this moment is contingent upon what has already been. 

Imagine the trillions upon trillions of events that are occurring because someone's need has gone unrecognized or unfilled.
  Or...perhaps the need has been generously and magnanimously met and this gift of caring has, therefore, helped shape and form an even greater effort of love

WE are all a part of this human tapestry. 
Everything we experience is contributing to and shaping our world view and the world view of others and, extending even further....into the formation of the universal consciousness.

Nothing is lost. 
Every choice - every effort, every decision not to choose to act - is playing a role and joining with other variables to produce a new occurrence.

What place do we hold in this process? 
What do we bring to contribute to this cosmic brocade?  How well do we understand our role as co-creators?  And do we acknowledge the subtle, powerful and fascinating influence we have the power to bestow upon each other?

                                                                                                    Marie Helena

image from exalted-beauty.blogspot.com.   

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